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Oh hey there

2011-11-23 21:31:48 by mayaora

So, this is like.. The first time I'm ever writing anything here, despite having this account for a while.
I'm just writing here to say that you should all go watch Alexlabbe's newest cartoon, because it's AWESOME, and.. I'm in it. Ha.

Although, you're probably coming here FROM there, but.. whatevs.



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2011-11-24 13:13:38

I came here from there. Good voice acting, but how is this your first news post when you've had an account since 06!!?

mayaora responds:

Haha, I made it when I was dating a flash animator, but never.. did anything, except for vote and stuff~ I figured, since I'm trying to get a bit more known for voice acting, I might as well make this a bit more active, haha.
And thank you. c:


2011-11-24 14:00:52

Your hot. Yeah and I did come here from the video as well.

mayaora responds:

Haha, thank you. :P